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Gluten, Allergens & Aversions

Gluten: If you have a lifestyle preference for gluten free, the only items to avoid are buns, cornbread and crispy onion straws. If you have a medical condition requiring a strict 100% gluten free diet, we cannot guarantee anything to be free of traces. For example, our house breaded onion straws are cooked in the same fryer as our potato fries. 

Allergens: If you have a medical condition requiring a strict allergen-free diet, we cannot guarantee any products to be 100% free of the major allergens identified by the FDA

  • trans fats: all products are trans fat free.
  • msg: while we do not add msg to our products, we cannot guarantee that traces are not found in any third party ingredients.
  • dairy & eggs: avoid potato salad, cheese, cornbread, onion straws, mayo, smoky fry sauce, smoky spread, all salad dressings.
  • fish/shellfish: the only thing to be aware of is the very small trace of anchovies in worcestershire sauce which is an ingredient in all bbq sauces.
  • nitrates: these are found in all bacon and prepared sausage on the market, including hot links.
  • soy: we cannot guarantee anything on the menu to be 100% soy free. traces are commonly found in many ingredients.