Think of the main menu board as a list of pitmaster's recommendations. With that in mind, there are lots of ways to order your plate of barbecue. Mix it up with different BBQ meat combos. Order meats "Freestyle" by the ounce. Can you get just one rib? Yes! We have many options for kids and lighter appetites as well. Consider yourself privy...

Brisket Burnt Ends

Any pitmaster’s choice. BBQ Pete’s Burnt Ends come from the premium point cut of the brisket. Therefore availability is limited. When the sign is hanging above the order taker, we have ‘em! Warning: our Burnt Ends are very popular and often sell out fast. Burnt Ends are only available for guests who come into the restaurant and cannot be pre-ordered ahead.

Pick 2 (or 3) Meat Combos

Create your own combo dinner of NW Alder smoked meats plus two side choices, with anything you see on the menu.

Hot Link Sandwich

Thin-sliced, all-natural hot link topped with BBQ Pete's Puyallup Fair Sauce

BBQ Pork Dinner

A pile of BBQ Pork (7 oz) with two side choices. For smaller appetites, order a Quarter Pork Lite Plate (4 oz).

Order it “Naked”

Most items come sauced. If you prefer, order it “naked” for no sauce.

Memphis Style Sandwich

Top your sandwich with our creamy cole slaw

* Little Sandwiches

Any Sandwich, half the meat, on half hoagie roll

* Half Salads

Any Fresh Cut Salad, half sized.

Slab Dinner

Put on your bibs! Here come the ribs!   Choose two sides with your full Slab of BBQ Pete's Ribs.

Hook Me Up

A little of each five meats plus two side choices, makes a feast for one: Two Ribs, 1/8 Chicken, 2 oz BBQ Pork, 2 oz Sliced Brisket and one Hot Link.

#9 Hot Royal

Deliciously messy sammich with sliced hot link, smoked provolone, slaw, crispy onion straws, Fair sauce

* “Freestyle” Meats by the Ounce

Order “Just One Rib,” or an extra two ounces of Spicy Chop on the side. Maybe you like your Pork on Bun with an extra three ounces on it to make it a huge half pounder. Endless possibilities here to customize your order.

Brisket Dinner

A pile of sliced brisket (7 oz) with two side choices. For smaller appetites, order a Quarter Brisket Lite Plate (4 oz).

* Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Smoked Provolone Cheese, on a “reverse grilled” potato bun, takes an old standby to a new level. Great for kids, and grown ups love ‘em too!

* Kid’s Ribs (or Chicken) & Fries

1/3 Slab & Fries, or...
 Quarter Chicken & Fries

* Great for Kids & Small Appetites